Winning Lotto Numbers

Winning Lotto Numbers

We often hear that one lucky player scooped this week’s jackpot. Let’s take a look at a few jackpot winners from around the world who were lucky enough to have the winning lotto numbers and what they did with all that money!

Brad Duke, 34, from Idaho, won a lump sum of $85 million after winning a $220 million Powerball jackpot in 2005. Brad’s an interesting lottery jackpot winner due to the way in which he played the lottery and how he spent his winnings.  It all started off with him spending the first month assembling a team of financial advisors. His goal: to use his winning lotto jackpot to become a billionaire!

•    $35 million: Aggressive investments like oil and gas and real estate
•    $1.3 million: A family foundation
•    $63,000: A trip to Tahiti with 17 friends
•    $125,000: Mortgage retired on his 1,400-square-foot house
•    $18,000: Student-loan repayment
•    $65,000: New bicycles, including a $12,000 BMC road bike
•    $14,500: A used black VW Jetta
•    $12,000: Annual gift to each family member

During an interview with Brad he mentioned that he played the lottery often when he won, which brings us back to the saying “You have to be in to win it”! Asked about whether he used a number system, Brad said that he did in fact have a system to choose his winning lotto numbers. What he did was capture the most diverse numbers then looked at the latest Powerball numbers over the past 6 months and took a set of 15 numbers that were most commonly coming up. It was with this set of numbers that he started to win between $150 and $500.

With regards to many lottery winners having sad endings Brad seemed very confident and said he handled responsibility well. He was quoted as saying “If you accept that check, you accept an amazing responsibility to yourself and whomever you decide to include in it. I was quiet about winning for a month before I decided to come out. During that time, I was getting as much research as I could on existing lottery winners and what their stories were. Most of them lose all the money within a short amount of time. I'm looking at statistics where people in ten years have nothing. In ten years, I wanted to be worth about ten times as much. I wanted to make the most of the opportunity that was given to me, so I put together a team with the intent to reach and maintain a $1 billion status over a particular period of time. I wanted to do it in 10 years, which I knew was aggressive. My team talked me into looking at 15 years. But it looks like we're on track for 12 years. When you do something like that, the more you become worth, the quicker your growth curve is. My total net worth right now is at an unofficial value of $128 to $130 million. We've done very well for the first year and a half.”

Brad Duke’s one of the most successful lottery winners showing us that your winning lotto numbers will bring you happiness!  Deal with the win carefully, get advice and invest wisely as Brad has. Live the dream and let your money work for you.

Brad Duke, 34 from Idaho who won the $220 million Powerball jackpot in 2005.

Other Lottery winners include:

EuroMillions:   The biggest ever EuroMillions prize won in Britain was a £161million jackpot won by Colin and Chris Weir.
MegaMillions:  The largest Mega Millions jackpot ever won was $390 million but was split between two winners.
FranceLoto:  A very lucky player from the Southern city of Montpellier won the FranceLoto jackpot TWICE! The odds of one player winning twice with the same six numbers are 1 in 363 billion. He definitely has Lady Luck on his side!